About Us . . .   The Detail King's

SOAKERS AUTO DETAILING is a full service, professional  detailing service, serving the following counties: Prince Edward, Cumberland, Buckingham, Amelia, Powhatan and Appomattox.

The Team:  
The Team
Our detailing shop is located at 1102 West Third St. Farmville, VA.
Our technicians are experienced detailers, and Dave Furlong is a graduate of  the "Detail King's" craftsman program.

This is a state certified program and all graduates receive a diploma in "Auto Detailing".

At Soakers Auto Detailing our goal is always to exceed your expectations through outstanding customer service and exceptional detailing services.
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Meet Dave:  
 "I love seeing peoples faces when . . . . "
Dave was born and raised in New Jersey, and started professionally detailing car's when he was 15 years old. A local Ferrari dealership hired him on as their head detailer.

Dave was a police officer before retiring and moving to Farmville several years ago.

When asked what he enjoys most about detailing, he answered "I love seeing peoples faces when they pick up their cars. They are so surprised how clean and shiny their cars are!"
Mr Soaker "...how clean and shiny their cars are!"

"...make it look and smell showroom new!